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Can you get over an awkward second date?

The first date with this guy went great. There was alcohol so that really helped with making things flow. We kissed quite a bit and then headed home. He texted me as soon as he got home that he had a great time and almost immediately planned a second date. We had our second date tonight. He had a couple beers and I didn’t (there was no wine) so I felt and acted super awkward. There were a few uncomfortable silences but we got through it. He walked me to my car and we kissed again and I loosened up a bit and apologized for being awkward because I was nervous and he was super sweet and remarked that it didn’t help there was no wine. We kissed for a quite a bit more until we got shooed away by the cleaning crew. I said I didn’t want him to go and that maybe on our next date he could bring his dog. He said yeah but like weirded out. We said our pleasantries. He was glad I liked the dinner and I was appreciative and kissed goodnight a little bit more. He hasn’t texted me which I feel is a bad sign as he texted me right after our first date. Could my awkwardness and eagerness have scared him?
Can you get over an awkward second date?
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