Have problems trying to talk to her?

the major problem is that English isn't my first language but I am not afraid to approach her and start a conversation. what should I do? by the way, I just can't speak English very fluently but have no problem at listening at all.

would that be a turnoff? please help


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  • Absolutely not! They key is the listening part. When you talk to a girl, I find that my most successes come not from talking about myself, but actively listening to the girl. You know Bill Clinton was described as the "Perfect President", because he has a rare ability of allowing the person whom he speaks with feel as though he was giving you his undivided attention. That skill made the man a president, and if you applied that principle when talking to girls, you will have no problem, pigeon english or not. Have confidence, actively listen and follow-up with what she's saying. I would say in 10 minutes you could have her number and be in a position to ask her out on a date some time. And you'll be doing us ethnic minorities a favour because you'll see language is not a barrier; poor communication is.