What is up with my ex?

so my ex broke things off with me a week ago and he basically got upset with me and told me I wasn't ever going to hear from him again. then last night he calls me but I didn't answer, so he proceeded to call again resulting in 13 missed calls from him, one right after the next.. then he sends me a text saying he just wanted to say goodnight before he went to bed, then right after the text he calls again. this time I answer and he just asks how I am and stuff and how my family and friends are..i basically give him attitude and ran him off the phone.

so guys/girls would somebody call you that much just to say goodnight.?.what do you think is going on with him?


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  • jeezus he's just really emotional. he's torn between either wanting you, missing you but not wanting to get back, or making sure your still around, 13 calls is not to see how you are that is desperation woman..hes desparate to know that your still into him/ there for him for whatever intentions. I would say to give it some time to let the crazy subside, then try and see each other casually and see what the motives are. Be careful though, if its hurts to see him or speak...do not get any hope of getting back.


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