Can you tell if a girl likes you from the first date?

So i just went on a date with a girl i met online.. It was fun and we talked a lot throughout the day.. We spent about 4 hours together.. Most of the conversations revolved around her but she still occasionally asked me questions... she took me to a bookstore because she knew i liked books and i thought she would ask me what kind of books i wanted to check out but she just took me to all the kind of books she likes to read... it was interesting as it gave me a better idea of the kind of girl she is and she seemed like she really wanted to show me what got her excited and maybe wanted to see how i felt about those kinds of books... but it sucked that she didn't take me to the sections with books i would be interested in.. She showed signs of interest at times, e. g. playing with her hair a lot, although it could just be a habit... She also touched me a number of times, when she would be talking about how guys are at the club and she would touch me around my shoulders and arms.. so i know she was definitely comfortable with me. And at the ned of the day, we walked back to her apartment.. she had stated about giving me a book to borrow about a week ago so i thought id bring it up jokingly.. she then told me to come into her apartment. When i was in her room, the atmosphere just became really awkward... she said she had fun... but the way she looked, she appeared almost shy or unsure of what was gonna happen next in there... i felt she probably wanted me to go lol.. she came up to me and hugged me and everything just felt awkward so i just left... i texted her when i got home just say how much i enjoyed the day but she hadn't replied.. its been about 4-5 hours
Can you tell if a girl likes you from the first date?
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