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Boyfriend Material or time to quit?

I’ve been seeing a guy for two months. We see each other often, go out on dates. I’ve met his friends and he’s affectionate in front of them. We’ve had an argument that ended in a somewhat serious conversation, where he said “obviously I care about you” because I was upset that I was over and he was acting like he didn’t really want me. around (bad mood or whatever). I guess I was being dramatic and sensitive and he also said when he was mad (also drinking) “this is why I don’t have a girlfriend”. He’s very intimate with me, like hell look at me deeply (sounds creepy but it’s not) and he’ll hold me and move closer when we’re watching tv. He shares very personal info and when I’m upset always says I can talk to him. He’s very thoughtful as well. He also mentions that he says such nice things about me to his friends and that they all say things like “oh where’s your girlfriend?” To which he replies that I’m not (bc I’m not) I’d really like to date him officially (we are exclusive already) but from this conversation can anyone shed some light As to wether he seems to only want a situationship or if maybe he likes me and with time could ask me out? I know he was drinking during the convo so I can’t take it at face value. I ask because I do really like him but I’m not a casual girl, so if it seems he may never want to call me his girlfriend and him my boyfriend I might just end things before we get further invested. I’m curious as to what other people think. If I should bring it up yet or wait until things develop further? I’m just scared of getting in too deep only to find out he doesn’t want to make it official.
Boyfriend Material or time to quit?
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