Do y'all have a particular 'type'? If so, who's your ideal guy/gal?

I wouldn't say I do, although... I do like a guy to be taller. I'm only 5'2. I am fond of blue eyes, but only because mine are hazel. And I like blond or dark hair. But all my exes had these features. I like someone who is kind, chivalrous, funny and smart. So, who are you attracted to?

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  • Dark hair, freckles, dimples, Pale eyes. A head shorter than I flatfooted. A or small B cup breasts, a 0,7 waist to hip ratio, slender, even waifish.
    Sharp as a tack, loves gaming and sci-fi, an avid reader. Good sense of humor and a ready smile. A voracious sexual appetite, and a willingness to explore alternate lifestyles a plus. Tolerant of my issues (I'm a sociopath and suffer from PTSD) helpful, but I'm adaptable.. Either has kids already or doesn't want them. Between 35 and 55.

    That's the ideal. None of it is a deal-breaker. Non-smoking (vaping is okay), social drinker or teetotaller only (I'm a friend of Bill's). Those are NOT negotiable. I follow the VMI Honor Code. I do not lie, cheat, or steal; nor do I tolerate those who do. If she hits me, I'll club her like a baby harp seal; I have a zero-tolerance policy on physical abuse. It won't end the relationship, but it will hurt for several days... Otherwise, I will never raise my hand to her. I give what I get in verbal confrontations; keep it civil, and I will, too. it's my nature to reflect back what I get.


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