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Help me out... Is he really just a stupid guy?

So this guy that I have been talking to for over a week didn't say Happy Valentines Day to me, and he didn't even message me until the the afternoon.

I told him about 6pm that I was upset with and why I was. He said I was right and he made a joke (which was funny; I hate people who use their humor to get out of things).

But still... I feel so neglected and sad. My two guy friends that we are just friends made it a point to wish me happy Valentine's day.

I know it may sound silly, butI guess I just wanted to be acknowledged.

I asked him why he even talks to me, and he said "because I think we have a connection"

I can't let it go. It's the past and the day is done, but it was a total let down.
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I am convinced this site is just misery loving company with most people on here being severely unhappy and lacking standards.
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It's amazing the amount of people that take things out of context.
Help me out... Is he really just a stupid guy?
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