Why don't men wanna be with me? I feel really worthless.

a guy friend of mine told me the other day that I'm a loser. I have never officially dated a guy or been in a relationship, I used to like this one guy and had a huge crush on him for years and still think of him and when I brought him up in a conversation, my guyfriend said I'm a loser for falling for a player who just used me for attention and led me on who never liked me or asked me out. He said I'm a psycho for still thinking of him. =[ He said I should date other guys and move on but I never meet anyone I like, no one asks me out or even asks for my number. I know I'm not ugly, because men do look at me and some say I'm pretty, I think my problem is my social skills. I am very shy and am not outgoing or talkative. My grades are kind of messed up I don't know what I want to do with my life I don't know which grad schools will accept me, and my life is just a mess. I've been depressed and suicidal and wish I could improve my life. The last time I remember being so happy and exuberant was when my crush used to look at me and smile, I had such hopes he would ask me out but it never happened I even messaged him and tried to talk and everything. I just don't get what I'm doing wrong, what is wrong with me? why don't men wanna be with me?


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  • Welcome to the female race hun.. sheesh. Aren't we all self conscious with low self esteem because F-in society says we are ugly if we don't come out of some plastic mold? Doesn't every woman have that one guy that either got away or never was and we think of him often? it's human nature.. I should say it's female nature. I don't know if guys do it or not..

    We all wish we could improve, but if we never step to the task, we stay as-is and sometimes regret it. If kit makes you feel better about yourself, improve. But if you're doing it for someone else, why? Be happy with who you are and what makes YOU happy. If you live your life trying to please everyone else, when do you get to be happy? You don't and you'll regret it, as I do. Take it from me, changing yourself to please others will not bring you happiness.


    It's my opinion that BOYS are fickle, childish beings that care only about themselves and their ego. I have yet to meet a male, other than my father, who cares about more than his own needs. I think more mature MEN will care more about others than BOYS our age. Mature MEN have responsibility, family, etc that they care for, but BOYS.. those our age don't have that drive to provide and love. That's why they only go for the "hot" chicks. It's socially acceptable. Unfortunately they take longer to mature and get past the superficial bullsh*t that is their ego and care for what is more important, REAL LIFE.

    Don't let the superficial crap get in your way. if a guy doesn't accept you as YOU, then he ain't worth your time, so don't give him any.

    love and hugs,



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  • You just haven't met the right guy, keep trying you will meet someone some day, its hard not to get jaded, but the only way to find someone is to try, their are risks and it might not work out the first time or the second etc but eventually you should find someone.


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  • First I know where your coming from I have your same problem. Second your guy friend means well, typically guys have a 'fix it' kind of frame of mind which is not ideal for a girl in your situation. He probably hates seeing you in pain all the time and is trying to move you away from a destructive path. And third there is nothing wrong with being in love... Sometimes you can't help it and don't try and lie to yourself that's never good.

    My advice to you? Move forward its all you can do things look down now but they will get better if you weather the storm without chipping away at what makes you you. With your crush it will probably never happen accept that and look for comfort elsewhere maybe in your guy friend?

    All else fails take a break from relationships in the end you answer for you get back on track and remember:

    enjoy your life!

    hope this helps a little.

    • Yes, it did. Thank you *hug*