1 y

I'm not going to get her am I?

There's this girl I like
Everything about her is perfect
Her attitude...
Her personality
Her voice..
Her body..

Everything is perfect..

Plus she's very innocent
She claims she isn't innocent but she is..
She's a virgin..
She said she wasn't innocent because she's "done weed' & has gotten drunk
"done weed"

All she does all day is stay in her room watching action movies, talks to me
& plays with her cat..
Her pet cat.

She probably plays with the other cat too😂 but not the point..

We have a lot in common...
but it's not gonna happen is it?
It never does..
Something bad is going to happen
It always does...

I don't know whats gonna happen. .
We're gonna be video chatting and she's gonna pull out a dick or something.. Watch..
Not gonna happen..
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I'm not going to get her am I?
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