Why do you want to date? Explain.

For me, I feel that people get into relationships just so they can be with someone, or have sex with someone.

But, for me I am looking for a serious relationship, like I am always looking for my wife, but can never find her because all she usually wants to do is party and do stupid things that she wished she didn't do but did it because she was drunk.

I am just wondering why do you want to date someone?

Is it for the relationship, is it for the sex, is it to show off to your friends etc.


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  • Regardless of the reasons of others, the reason that you continue to fail in your "pursuit" is because you are trying to force something that is not there.

    Everyone is not designed for everyone, and a committed relationship, let alone marriage, requires that two people be in-sync with one another.

    If you're operating with a different set of ideals and goals than your partner, there is no way that the relationship will be successful.

    Further, if you are "looking" for a wife, it's going to manifest itself in everything you do and say to your partner, which likely will cause them to act out worse than they normally would, if they are not looking for the same thing.

    Slow down, and realize that marriage, like all things worthy to have, takes time to build, and that you can not make anyone stay in a room with you. If they want to be there, it has to be on their own free will.


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  • I used to date random women for the purpose of sex and they were someone to hang out with, I didn't date a girl just because I wanted her to be my future wife, I dated her because I was attracted to her, and I didn't care. I was in college, I was more focused on getting a degree than a wife, and guess what almost everyone in college is focused on getting a degree, and most women are there to have fun and enjoy the college experience.

    I had a girlfriend going into college, and when I graduated I left with another girlfriend. I thought the first one would be my future wife for sure, but that didn't happen we broke up, and now I am dating another chick, who will be my future wife.

  • You should try meeting girls in the library rather than drunk at parties and then wonder "why the f*** does this girl only want to drink?"

  • I want to find one girl I can be exclusive and go on adventure with, eventually raise a family

  • i want to do it for the actual relationship...i've never been in one and want to find a girl I care about and that cares about me too...i found the first part before but never the second part...so yea

  • For me, I date girls to try and find one I want to be in a relationship with. I have tried the one night stands, and I don't get anything from them other than a few minutes of fun. Relationships are where it's at if you get on well.