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Should this bother me?

So me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years. 6months back we were going through a rough phase. Fights, arguments a lot. It got to me. I broke up. I started seeing this other girl and i fell for her and my ex knew about it. Anyways so when i got to know my ex was moving forward well she practically told me she liked a guy i hated. We talked and got back. She had 0 feelings for the guy. They were good friends. The guy liked her from way before. He had even asked her if she was over me and made her promise. Anyways so we got back. She told him we are back and did not want problems so she blocked him. This guy is now going around telling people that she would have been his but i interfered. Should i confront him? My girlfriend doesn't want me to because she doesn't care what a low life says. Should it matter to me?
Should this bother me?
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