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Going on a date but I’m nervous about it... any help?

Okay well, I’m still in HS and well dating at my school is something I don’t really like so I just explore around. Well throughout the years I’ve gained confidence and I think I’m at about 85% confidence level from when I was a freshman. I take A LOT of pictures, including selfies, mirror pictures, funny pictures and sometimes full body. The thing is, I’m chubby/overweight/chunky whatever you want to call it. I’m not thin yet I’ve never shopped in the plus size section. If that makes any sense. Well going back to the dating part, I joined a dating app not too long ago. I added pictures that showed how I looked, etc. I matched with over 50 people and I was pretty excited. Well I met a guy who also was in HS and we talked a bit and even got each other’s number. We’ve FaceTimed, called, texted for like 2-3 weeks non stop. Well today is Friday, and tomorrow we’re scheduled for a date. The thing is that anxiety has taken over about my weight. I’m pretty confident and the thing is I have zero body pictures on IG, only the ones I had posted on the app. We’ve never talked about what we look for in people physically and I’m scared for tomorrow. I’ve spoken to my friends who tell me everything is going to be okay, and to stop being nervous. Even one told me that any guy would be lucky to be with me. But that still doesn’t make me feel 100% okay. Any ideas on what I can do? Or how he’d react to see me? Helpp
Going on a date but I’m nervous about it... any help?
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