I like one of my friends....

So here is the classic problem of mixed sex friendships. At some point they crush on each other. Well on my turn he took the initiative and we ended up having a short summer fling, but now he wants to go back to friends because he knows that it wouldn't work out.

His reasons are: His little brother (who is a few months younger than me) likes me and he knows he won't use me. He used me and my body for his own selfish reasons, and he hated it. He loves the things we do.

So we decided finally to go back to just being friends. It seems to be rather easy for him, but I still like him a lot. When I hang around at least once I think about how handsome he is, or how much I want to kiss him. I'm his best friend though. So I can't.

How do I stop liking him? How can I forget what happened and just go back to being friends? Any advice, or anything please feel free. I'd greatly appreciate it.


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  • if a guy has a reason, (his little brother likes you), he's definitely going to stick with his decision.

    girls are backstabbers, but guys usually stay ,loyal to their buds.

    i know from experience.

    i know you really like this guy, but try to move on.

    he seems nice, he admitted the truth, but move on.

    one other thing, I don't think dating his brother would be a good idea.

    itd just be weird if you're with him and have to see the older guy all the time!

    • Well I did finally move on... sorta. He ditched me for my slutty best chicka friend that was in a relationship at the time... needless to say he is happy with her and in a serious (sexual) relationship with her and has been for a few months now. He doesn't talk to me much anymore, and if he does its about how this girl is about to move... or bitching me out when I'm around the two of them.

      His little brother is infatuated with me and has taken the place of his older brother as my best guyfriend.

    • Wow. that guy seems like an ass.

      but just make sure his actions aren't a ploy to get you to like his little brother.

      i've seen some pretty twisted ways of trying to get people together.

      but good thing youve moved on. ; )

  • ummmm that's actually kinda of hard but eventually you will see that he doesn't want to be anymore then just friends and I know its hard but time is the only thing that can help is he really that good of a friend that you have to be around all the time?

    • Yeah, It would be easy, if he didn't keep changing his mind on the matter. I mean one day he's just a friend and then the next he doesn't know. I am his best friend, and he's one of mine, so its hard. We've been the type of friends that cuddle and stay up til 6 in the morning talking. I've cried more on his shoulders than on anyone else's this entire year.

      I'm also one of his little brother's only friend.... so I kinda stick around, because they are the only ones that care to hangout.

    • I would say stick around ans see what happens what's the worst that can happen! and personally I think if he didn't want to be more then friends then he wouldn't be kissing you and showing you affection he is probly just scared of commitment with one of his good friends because if things don't work out you guys might never be friends again!

    • True, but at the same time... he claims he loves what we do not me.... that this "affection" is just using each other's bodies. So yeah... Idk.

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