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Hung out on Valentine’s Day now he’s not opening up my Snapchat or texting me?

I met this guy ( he’s 22 and I’m 20 ) on tinder feb 6th, we texted everyday and saying good morning then on Saturday he asked me if I wanted to hang out on Valentine’s Day, then we started to FaceTime the day after we did that every day until we hung out on vday for hours. When it came to Valentine’s Day we hung out at my house he meet my mom calling her mame ( my moms over protected so she wanted to meet him first before hanging out ) bought me 12 roses and then we watched a movie, he but his arm around me and then we got comfertable and had me laying in his lap holding his hand then after the movie he had to leave cause of traffic, I walked him to his car he held my hand first walking there and I hugged him bye for about 5 secs cause I didn’t know how long your supposed to hug, told him to call me or snap when he got home and also to see when we can hang out next and he said ok in an agreeing way and he was smileing too. Then he snapped me an hour later saying he was home and he went tired, I keep snap chatting him and he hasn’t opened them but he went on Instagram yesterday and posted a pic but he hasn’t texted or snapped me in almost 2 days we also have each other’s phone numbers now to. My friend says to wait it out but I stupidly snapped him cause I thought he was going to open them cause that’s what he did when he got home but now nothing. I don’t know what to do I think he likes me and I like him, also he’s a nice guy and he’s funny.
Hung out on Valentine’s Day now he’s not opening up my Snapchat or texting me?
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