Am I overreacting, I don't think so?

so there's this guy who supposedly likes me, asked his parents for approval to date me, he's told so many times, always texts me, we've gone to the movies, he's also my friend. But recently when me and him went to the movies and I asked him what he did earlier he told me that he hung out with his friend(a girl) and took pictures with her since she was going to homecoming. I'm not gonna lie it bothered me so much. we aren't going out, but I feel its wrong that he hung with her, then went to the movies with me later that day, makes me feel like I'm some other girl to fill a time slot. By him doing that doesn't show me, he cares about me, but to hang with some other girl before hand? we aren't going out, but still it bothered me. I didn't say anything, and am not because I don't want to be controlling or tell him what to do. But I hate that he hangs out with girls.

what do you think ? am I over reacting?


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  • He's not allowed to have friends because he fancies you, ey?


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  • If your ever going to date this guy, you have to know limits. Do you hang out with other guys? If yes or even no, then you are overreacting because people have the right to hang out with who they want to. He obviously likes you and you need to have the confidence in that and trust him enough to let him do as he wants. Because if you don't, you'll strangle him and a relationship will never work...

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