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Am I too younge for this?

My bday is on the 20th and im turning 14, so as of right now im 13. Last night I went to a skating rink to hangout with friends, this guy I like came too, and he has a known reputation for being an f boy but I wasn't looking for a realationship, we were cuddling in one of the booths and he asked me If I would give him a hj so I did, which then led to him fingering me. At the time I wanted it so badly but now I just feel weird and that it was a mistake but yet I still want more, and i might feel weird cuase we had our hoodies over our laps and we were sitting with our friends while he was doing it so it may just be that it was in public but I just want to know if im too younge to be doing stuff like this?
Am I too younge for this?
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