Is secretly dating alright?

I've been dating this guy for almost 3 years now and my parents don't know. Haven't told them cuz I know they would totally be against us dating. this has made my boyfriend dislike my parents without even meeting them.
What you you guys do? Is secretly dating alright??Is secretly dating alright??


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  • Pfft... we all do that when we have restrictive parents... the thing is Do you like him? if you do, you aren't doing anything wrong and i wish you guys the best... and i Hope you guys go the fucking distance... no break ups...

    • Yeah I love this guys. and even more since he's been so understanding about it all. I mean it's been more that a year and he's still here ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • Yeah that's right ๐Ÿ™‚

    • so do it... and keep my dumbass informed as to how it goes

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  • Why keep it a secret? It shouldn't matter what others think. You're not in a relationship with him and everyone else. You should at least try to let your family get to know him and see that he's a wonderful person to you no matter the color of his skin or who he is

    • Yeah I would like to think that too. others opinion don't matter but my parents opinion matter to me. I wish it didn't.

    • I'm the same way. My parents opinion matters to me as well, especially my mom's, but in the end you have to do you and what's best for you. If your parents and/or family end up not liking him just because of his race, who he is or where he came from then that's something they have to work on. I do hope everything works out for you in the end though and that your parents can see how much you guys care for each other.

    • Yeah I hope so. Just have to work up the courage to tell them ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Sorry but how old are you and him? Why do they dislike your boyfriend? If i learn that my daugther date a man since 3 years, i will feel very stupid to fail to have no talks with my daughter and omg 3 years it is serious relationship ! Whatever what they think they have to know and acccept him. Do the parents of your boyfriend know you?

    • I'm 21 he's 25. My parents wouldn't accept him basically cuz he's white. Yeah all his family know about me. The reason it has been so long with them knowing is cuz we don't comminicate that often. Like strangers living in the same house

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    • I knoow. the lying is eating me up. and making me want to avoid them cuz I feel like exploding soon.

    • It will be hard for everyone, but you have to. Like you said, secret eat the brain, the energy. And woaw we feel better after ! Secret never stay a secret, it is better to take the initiative than to be taken the hand in the bag (to be caught off guard i mean) and not prepared. Talk to your boyfriend. But believe it is a bad for a good. Time to free your mind and let them overthink at their turn.

  • Well go the Arab way and let him ask your parents if they'd accept the marriage of you two. It's a win-win

    • Haha. That's actullay how my tradition is too. the guys asked for the hand in marriage. The downside of that is they would then expect a wedding right away. And we're not exactly there yet

    • Lol I was a bit confused to suggest this way but glad you have the same tradition. Well you don't have to do a wedding right after he proposes, here it could go for more than a year. But it's important to tell your parents, they shouldn't be mad if it was a serious relationship

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  • Is it secret because of the race issue? Also your 18 at least so I say say something they can't do anything about it any way

    • Yeah it's cuz of issue. They rather I date/marry a black guy from same country. I know they can't do anything but I still gotta live with them for while more. it's gonna be uncomfortable knowing that they think I'm disgrace while l'm iving in their house

    • They wouldn't be happy for you?

    • I mean if you are in love shouldn't matter who it's with they should be happy you found someone you love

  • Well maybe tell them it does seem a serious relationship so i think its best to tell them :D just do it in the right time and moment :)

    • Yeah I've Ben thinking about moving soon. but don't know if I should tell them a while before moving or tell them at the same time that I'm moving and got a white boyfriend.

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    • Maybe tell your sibling to telll ur parents? XD

    • yeah ice Actually thought of that to tell my oldest Brother

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