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Is having too much pride a bad thing?

I for one don't care if I never get laid or if I get hitched I WAS pretty netural about the whole dating, hookup up, friends with benefits scene in that it didn't affect me either way whether I got some or not but 3 years ago I was invited to go out with some friends all over town to watch a movie, eat some pizza at a restaurant with awhole lot of their friends & to put it simply I was treated like dirt, like I was a joke, I was laughed at &. Subliminally dissed by a lot of the females in the circle of friends of my 2 only friends who invited me

Well from then on in I decided to never talk to a girl, try to hook up, never initiate a conversation with any female after the way I was treated

I'm not going to be some slave & be a simple to people who look down on me ya know?
Is having too much pride a bad thing?
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