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Am I being played?

This will be a long one. I've been talking this girl now for maybe 3 months and I have no idea what she wants or how she feels. We both live in different cities so im limited to only seeing her on the weekends. We've kissed many times and have gone on a few dates. Today being one of our dates, and the event that really aroused my suspicion.

While out at lunch she receives a phone call from some guy named james. The conversation goes something like this. "Hey, I didn't think I'd hear from you today..." "because you didn't text me this morning..." "I'm just out with one of my friend..." "yes it's a guy..." "I'll text you." Then as we leave the restaurant she wraps herself around me and says to me that "she hates people sometimes."

I really don't want to believe that she's playing me and I honestly didn't think that she would be the type to do that since I've known her for almost 10 years. I've asked her 3 or 4 times to become exclusive, all about a month in between, all with no feedback. At first i chalked it up to her not being ready since she had gotten out of a relationship not long before we started talking. But now im beginning to think its something else. Tonight I brought it back up, just asking for some clarity on her position and feelings, but of course she doesn't address anything and just says that she's "in a bad mood" and said "she had a lot on her mind right now".

I'm starting to fall for this girl hard and i really do want to become serious with her, but i know that if it keeps like this and she is in fact playing me it's going to crush me in the end. I don't know how I feel about her talking to another guy, but the thing that irks me is that she's not being up front with me.

What do you all think? Am i being messed with? What should i do? Thanks for hearing me out
Am I being played?
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