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Pregnant and worried. What do I do?

My boyfriend is in a rut because he is broke and owed a lot of people money which didn't make any sense to me. It kind of killed the vibe on valentines day because he was miserable, I brought him a gift which he refused to take says he'll take it when he can afford to buy me a gift. I don't particularly care about the gift, it's just the sadness that bothered me. I couldn't really feel sorry for him since I don't get what he does with his money.

He lives in his family home barely pays any bills, has a car which is out of order at the moment. Other than that he smokes and plays computer games. I honestly wanted to tell him to pick himself up and go and find another job if he needs more money. I need more money but I'm not in the position to do so since I'm almost 3 months pregnant, my job is ideal for me and duration of my pregnancy.

I'm just annoyed that he is in his feelings so much about money but hasn't once asked how I'm feeling. Somedays I feel sick as expected but no one checks on me. On valentines day I was nauseous and kept waking up thinking I was gonna throw up, however he didn't ask if I was OK at any point. I think the fact I shut him down for sex made him upset, it was for a good reason I was sick!!!

I thought it would be nice for us to spend time together and make plans. I gave him the pregnancy booklet to look at and he literally read a couple paragraphs and left it on the side. Mr. I'm ready for kids doesn't seem to be living up to it right now. I just want to have a healthy, calm and happy baby. He seemed happy about the news, but naturally nervous also.

I have my own stuff to worry about, I don't really have any energy to feel sorry for myself let alone anyone else besides the baby.
Ahh Im soo annoyed. Yes I knew what he was like when I got with him and honestly it wasn't this bad, but now I'm pregnant I need the support. What do I do?
Pregnant and worried. What do I do?
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