Choosing between two different guys.

So here's the dealio:

I am really conflicted between two guys. I'll call them guy A and guy B. (very original, I know.)

Guy A can be shy with outgoing bursts at time. We work together yet in different departments. We hang out at least twice or three times a month, whether it be by ourselves or in our group of friends. He's really hard to read, some days he'll be really sweet and ask me to do things and other times he'll joke around with me. Not sure if he's a friend vibe or crushing on me. But whenever he offers to go to the movies, he offers to pay and I turn him down. (I have this weird thing about guys paying for me, I feel uncomfortable about it.) That and when we see the movie or hang out, a part of his body has to touch me. Whether it be his foot against mine, or an arm on top of mine. Or just even touching shoulders. So I'm assuming he's interested among other reasons such as compliments and cute gestures like sticking a flower in my hair and etc. His problem is that it's difficult for him to make a move, even though it's obvious he's interested and even my guy and gal pals notice it as well.

Guy B is someone I met through college and he's outgoing and going to be the same career path as me. We've gone out to lunch on campus multiple times, hung out together. Even recently he's been giving me compliments, made me a nice dinner on one of our study dates and other things as well. However, his fatal flaw is that he loves to talk about himself and is obsessed over talking about high school, (which gets very annoying.) If I talk about myself, he automatically asks uninterested and cuts me off to talk about himself again.

I'm ready to move on with my life and start to be in a relationship again. The problem is that I like them both evenly and get the same butterfly-stomach feeling around them evenly. So, how do I choose between the two? Or is there one that seems better boyfriend material over the other?


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  • Well it looks like unless you make a move on Guy A, you aren't going to have a choice, Guy B might ask you out first. Who do you feel is more suited to you?

    Sounds like Guy A's "problem" is being shy while Guy B's problem is being too self absorbed. Are they both nice to you? Can Guy B's flaw be addressed? How do you act towards each guy, are you flirty with both?

    IMO I would ask Guy A if he likes you, flat out. If he says yes then you have an opening to ask him out, if you want, or it could give him confidence to ask you out. Guy B may be trying hard to keep your interest or he may actually be into himself, alot.


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  • I think I would prefer guy a. I guess, because he seems more sweet... but he has a flaw too, he should ask you out if he wants too.. I GET SOOO FREAKING FED UP OF GUYS WHO ARE SOOO DARN SHY LIKE THIS... I mean, what's the worse that can happen.. We would grow fangs and bite you or something? ARGGH. Well sorry, got carried away there :P

    If you are ready to deal with guy b's vain nature, then that's OK, but like you said, it can get pretty annoying.. so maybe try talking to him about it.. If he doesn't or pays attention but then does the same thing again, I guess you know who to choose then...

    SHY guys are pretty sweet, especially when they forget their shyness for you.. and the things he does are pretty cute, my suggestion would be to go for him :) But that's just me... I love a good listener..