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Dating after breakup?

Before you start reading note that this question is mainly for girls.

So here we go. There's a girl that I've met let's say a month ago. She seemed to like me but we've only been talking twice or so in past month. I definitely had/still have a crush on her. But a month ago she already had a boyfriend.

Recently she broke up because of unknown reasons. Here's where I see a chance for me to go after her but at the same time I don't wanna be creepy about it. Also I'm a shy dude but not shying away from texting her. My main problem is to get the timing right to know when she's ready for me to ask her out on maybe a date.

When do you think it's a good time to start talking to her more. Also I don't wanna be too late because there are a few guys thet have quite the same "dreams" as I do.

So to sum it up a bit here the questions are;
• When are girls ready to start dating again after the breakup?
• How do I know when she's ready to make a step forward?
• Should I text her asap but start of as a "only friends" (probably end up getting friend zoned)
Dating after breakup?
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