Flirty texts?

Flirty games to play over text!?! please answer! Me and my boyfriend are always bored when we are texting each other. Are there any games that we can play through texting that are kind of flirty, but not sending dirty pics?


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  • This is a fun one! Send him a message that says "Roses are red and violets are blue...". Tell him to send you a message back and continue the poem. Then just keep on shooting lines back and forth making sure they rhyme. It is HILARIOUS how far these get off from what you started with. Make it sexy too! Have fun!

    • Does it have to rhyme? and I meant a bit more flirty than that. doesn't sound all that interesting. can I have some examples please?

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    • I have the same view point in religion as you stricken. I am a christian and my boyfriend and I arnt having sex until were married. When ever I get bored I go online and look up questions to ask your boyfriend..Like tonight I asked him why his parents named him Nicholas. He told me they named him after someone in the Bible. It was very interesting to know that. I love asking questions back and forth. Even though we have been dating for two years. I still don't know everything about him :)

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  • texting is so gay. it has warped and twisted the way people should socialize. an actually phone call or conversation, work on your conversation skills, or you will have horrible communication skills when you finally do realize texting is so gay


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  • My comment is actually down below..oopsss lol hope it helps!

    • I have done that so much

      it just gets old after a while

      anything else?

      something flirty maybe?

    • Hmm well try I spy :) I'm doing it with my boyfriend right now. I'm actually having a blast and laughing..So lame I know haha

    • But I want something more flirty

  • 2o questions. I used to play this aaaaalll the time. It could be flirty like " why do you like me?" questions like that and you get to learn more about the person. trust me its fun :)

    • I've played that so many times and don't know what to ask anymore