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Should I wait or should I cut off all contact (Online dating - met once - little/no contact)?

We exchanged numbers and spoke. Initially I didn't see him as more than a friend, but when I approached him for dating advice, he seemed protective of me, jealous and told me to not date another guy from that site. Suddenly he started showering me with attention and I kind of liked him. All of a sudden, he'd ghosted me?

After 2-3 weeks, he came back saying he lost his phone and his contacts, so I reluctantly gave my number. This time, he flirted heavily. We'd playfully planned a V day date earlier (before ghosting) and I asked him if he was still interested. He immdly said yes. We admitted that we like each other. Both are single, not in a relationship for long, living in neighbouring cities and are looking for a serious relationship. I actively started making plans because he was busy. He contacted me less and less. After saying he'd be fine with any plan, "hey, I'm actually very busy this week", there was no contact for 3-5 days. To confirm plans when I called him a few times, zero response! One morning, he'd blocked me everywhere!

I thought something was wrong. On Valentine's, I went to his office with a few surprise gifts and he was initially shocked. He said his mom had a fracture and was hospitalized since last week, plus this whole week/month he'd have to deal with critical issues at work, so he'd blocked all and he'd be very busy. He was nervous initially but soon we were laughing and smiling. He texted next day, "I loved it too. But there was very little time for all the romance. We'll spend quality time together next time." No contact after that again. My female friend is telling me that he's playing me. My guy friend is saying that I should not disturb him esp when he has too many responsibilities to take care of. What do you think? I'm not contacting him these days, but I've not deleted his number either. He's rarely online, seems career-oriented. I like him and believe he likes me, too. Should I wait? Or am I making a fool of myself?
Should I wait or should I cut off all contact (Online dating - met once - little/no contact)?
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