Which one!?


so during school year, I had a thing with this guy, lets call him Dan. He got drunk and hooked up with a girl at a party, and I forgave him. Then, at a different party, he hooked up with the SAME girl. and I still debate whether to forgive or not. He promise and keeps saying sorry and says he won't get drink to get drunk and he will be total faithful. Then summer started and he left for germany until now.

Then, during summer, I hooked up with one of my good friends, hm, Sam. We acted like a couple around our intimate friends but like, no one else knows. And he is a great guy. We both decided it would just be a summer fling and it would be over by summer. even though he likes me. and I didn't think I like him because I really really like Dan still. And so Sam understands even though he wishes that I would end up with him.

Now, Dan is back and he says he misses me and yeah.

But now, I also have feelings for Sam.

but the feelings I have for Dan still triumphs the ones I have for Sam.

so I don't know what to do!

who should I go with!



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  • Why go for someone who cheated on you twice? Are you really that stupid? Have some self esteem, and self respect, and not be used by this jerk.


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  • The answer is easy and I think you know it already however I would say be with sam, because to like someone means that you wanna impress them and dan didn't do that , but totally the other way he went on hooked up with the same girl twice ( and yea that should ring a bell) while sam is just the nice whos gonna b there for you around your friends and most of all he says what he means - he LIKES you- and he acts like it

    try to take a break from dan and just give sam a full chance and I know you gonna end up with hi, we girls look for the nice one after all!