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He kissed me then said I was ugly?

So I got really drunk this weekend at the club and ended up having my first kiss (I'm 19), it was a complete make out session that happened a few times through the night initiated by the guy. We also talked for a long time and he ditched his friends to go with me to another bar and walked me home.
All this didn't mean anything to me, just another drunk night until I found out that my friend knows his friends and he told them that he made out with an ugly girl... so right now I'm kinda down and I'm not sure if he said that just because he wanted to look cool or he really thought I'm ugly, but why would he be with me all night? 😣 and also, I'm not ugly considering the fact that I have a lot of guys always complimenting me... but now I feel gross
He kissed me then said I was ugly?
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