Is it a date or not?

(Background information) So there's this guy that I met last year and we became friends through the guy I liked at the time. Last Saturday I invited him to a play because he wanted to hang out. This was our first time hanging out without the guy I used to like. Ever since then, he texts me everyday wanting to know how I'm doing and such.

Then today (Tuesday) he asks me if I'm working on Sat. and I tell him 11-5. He says "we should hang out then!" So I say sure, what do you want to do? He suggests TGIF and a movie. He told me to pick the movie we were gonna see. Is this a date or are we just hanging out? I don't wanna look dumb and assume something it's not.


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  • Oooh, sticky situation! I totally understand girl, the guy I currently have a "is it platonic or not?" issue with was also a guy that I met through a guy a liked at the time, lol.

    Well, since he didn't straight up ask you out "on a date", I would just assume hang out. The best thing to do is just make it business as usual and go hang out. If he ends up making any moves during the hang out, then you know the motives, but I would just go along for the ride and let him lead the way. But don't expect that he will because if he doesn't make a move, you'll be disappointed if you were expecting something.

    Don't stress about it, look forward to it, keep it light and HAVE FUN!

  • It's a date! Guys don't go to dinner and a movie one-on-one with a chick they're not interested! Wear something cute and go have fun!

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