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Should I ask my crush out (as a girl)?

I've been crushing on this guy for over two years now, he is just so nice and preserved and funny, he's just so special. We only meet once every week for music rehearsals and don't really have the chance to talk to each other during that. The only times we talked was during some short dinner time at the music workshops, once about how my piano competition went, sending each other dank memes on ig. The longest conversation was when I called and asked him to sadies over the phone and he said yes but is unable to go due to family events, the next day we talked on the phone for 50 minutes about our lives and memes.
However, the majority of time we are pretty quiet and awkward.
I know traditionally, its always the guy asking the girl out for a date. For a guy so out going and a bit popular like my crush, will he find it weird if I ask him out? And how the hell do you even do that? I don't want to sound so formal and desperate and stuff, just thinking of the scenario makes me anxious and nervous.
I really really need help because I can sense something between our interactions and behaviors (or am i just being imaginative?), or at least in him, there's something in him.
So HOW do you do this? Guys, how would you feel if a girl asks you out? Girls, have you ever done this? If so then how do you do it and what happened and what did you say? *I'm in panic and crippling anxiety mode.*
FYI I'm good friends with his younger sister.
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Should I ask my crush out (as a girl)?
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