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How can I overcome this anxeity?

So when approaching women I tend to get really nervous like any other guy. like I've been nervous before but I at least was able to push through it in the past and talk to the girl i liked or compliment her even get her number all things I've done before. And at the time I was around 16-17 when I did all these things I'm 18 now and well let's just say my nervousness has almost gotten to the point where I would say its full-blown anxiety. I recently tried to approach girls about a week or 2 ago to try and get better at approaching women in general and my anxiety was so bad That I actually felt sick I couldn't even approach any of the girls I wanted too. It was a terrible expense and the worst It jas ever been and if i can't approach the girl I like how am I ever supposed to express myself to her and get a girlfriend. So I was hoping for tips on how to overcome the initial fear or anxiety so I can at least make the approach. because this has stopped me from approaching even really attractive girls that have shown interest in me before so some tips would help thank you.
How can i overcome this anxeity ??
How can I overcome this anxeity?
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