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Boyfriend is selfish. How do I encourage him to see it?

My boyfriend is pretty self centered. He occasionally does nice things but rarely cooks me dinner, does me favors, helps me out, or anything of the sort. I pretty much constantly make him food, bring him food to work, but him gifts to say I love you, and try to make his life easier. He recently canceled the plans I made on his birthday (now I’m out the money I spent that is non refundable) so he could do something else that came up. We’ve discussed marriage and he says he wants to spend his life with me but I don’t think he will ever be able to spend the money on An engagement ring because he has a lot of financial insecurity. He doesn’t make a lot of money, but he isn’t completely broke. He complains that he doesn’t feel like it’s even money wise in our relationship but doesn’t see how much stuff I get for him v/s what he does for me. I’d say for every 100 times I’ve made him a coffee in the morning he has made me just one. I’m getting tired of feeling like I’m being taken for granted. It seems like it’s all about him. I don’t want to leave him but I just want him to understand and change it. Any ideas?
Boyfriend is selfish. How do I encourage him to see it?
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