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Please send help im confused?

So I'm friends with this guy, and I was sitting next to my friend in class (in his normal seat). The guy came up to me and threw his sweatshirt on top of my head. I can't tell if he wanted me to take it, or he was just dumping there because I was in his chair. After, he went back to sitting with his friends and they were laughing, but I don't think it was about me. I then put the sweatshirt on the floor (kinda rude but...). Sometimes he winks at me- but he's a bit of a player and does dumb stuff like that to a lot of girls. How should I interpret this? Is there a possibility he was trying to give me his jacket, or that he likes me? I know I sound dumb for asking this, but i'm not sure.
Please send help im confused?
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