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Are You Eligible For Me To Date?

I thought it would be fun if I make this "test" and see if there's any guy on here that could possible go for me. It's only for fun. :D

Are you straight or bi?

What’s your view on religion?

Hourglass girls: Yay or nay?

Is sex important to you?

Long or short hair for a girl?

Asexual girls: Yay or nay?

Blonde or brunette girls?

How important is exercise to you?

Inside or outside job?

Genre in music?

Do you like reading?

Is education important to you?

Define your view on the word love:

In a relationship do you believe the guys should make both of the decisions, the girl, or equal?

Lets see who gets the best score for me!
Are You Eligible For Me To Date?
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