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Am I in the friendzoned?

I've been talking with this girl for the past couple months. We train together (jiu-jistsu) even though she doesn't know anything, we send each other memes and we text each other moderately. I already confessed my feelings to her a couple months back and she told me that "she likes me, but wants to get to know me as a friend first".

So last week we went to the gym then this girl walked onto the mats and she quickly responded "you smell good, maybe because my perfume rubbed off on you". Not sure if that means anything?

After training, she called me and asked if I wanted to get some food (this is the first time we ever ate together) . I said sure and when I got there I offered to pay for the meal; since she is helping me get ready for competition. We talked about our likes, dislikes, what she studies at school, why she choose art as a degree, etc.

Then I saw this hat that was totally awesome, I told her she should buy it because it would look good on her. She said I don't need a hat, and I replied "to bad, don't be jealous when you see me wasting mine and looking good". Then she suggested. "fine I'll buy the hat, but does it have to be the same style? Unless you want to match. I'm down to go twins".

So we both decided what hat to get and she said she would lay for them. I told her let me pay you back and she said "no I got it".

So what do you guys think? Am I in the friendzoned? I feel like her feelings may be developing towards me. Thanks in advance!
Am I in the friendzoned?
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