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Have you ever experience signs a relationship isn't right for you?

Let's say everything started well, you thought you were in love. Considered marriage and kids and everything.

But then after a while, things began to fizzle. Maybe you realised the person you thought he was initially, is proving otherwise.

For me, the lack of conversation we have when face to face kills me. To begin with he put on a chatty facade, and for almost a year I've witnessed that he really doesn't have all that much to say in general. It's obvious we're not on the same wavelength, and when I ask questions he takes soooo long to respond. Which just leads to me getting frustrated, bored and angry. I mean, he's fine with it all, but I just feel unfulfilled.

I mean lately I've been having all manner of weird and unsettling feelings daily. Feelings I can't even pinpoint. The thought of settling with this guy scares me, kids seem almost unfathomable. Everything I once wanted has changed and it's like I've been put off even being in a relationship.

Is it possible for this to happen, or is there something wrong with me?
I feel deeply unsettled when i realise I'm in the wrong relationship
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I tend to become indifferent to the person and unhappy with myself
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I start not wanting a future together, marriage or kids
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All of the above
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Have you ever experience signs a relationship isn't right for you?
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