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Guys, need your advice. Tinder. Should I go on a date with him?

Matched a guy on tinder 1,5 years ago, but we did not go out, just added each other on VK (local fb) and chatted a little. Because of that, I kinda "put him in Trash" (like on PC). I have a theory (proven in practice), that if you just chat and don't go out in a week, that will never happen. So he wrote me several times (once 4-6 months) after we matched asking to go out, but I said had no time (that was true). He congratulated me with B day and NY. I had not remembered that all until I just scrolled up our conversation when he wrote me again recently (he's "in Trash", remember?).
He did that on St. Valentine's , casual conversation, then invited to the cinema. I had got injured, crutches and cast on my leg. Because we're in Russia, that's f***ing very dangerous to go out anywhere in winter while you are on crutches, really can't reach a car in 5 meters away from my house without help. So I refused and suggested to meet when I could walk on both of my legs. He said he would help me to walk, but I refused again. He agreed to meet a month later.
So... I know he's on tinder all this time (1,5 years). 2/3 of his friends on vk are females (that's not typical). He "liked" a lot of their photos (brief research). And he is adding new ones from tinder, I guess.
Hm.. I'm tired of tinder, though had a lot of fun, many cool guys, really insightful about men in general, great app. But now I don't want to go on a date, if a guy isn't really interested in me, and waste my time.
I'm in doubt. He's handsome, tall, should be smart. He asked me out several times before. He did offer me help to reach the place and agreed to wait when I refused. That's very cute, because a girl with cast and crutches isn't attractive (we're animals, due to our instincts, health is beauty) and definitely not a hookup material. When I could walk without crutches, I will limp for a while, a lot of work to recover. Won't be in the mood to go on a date for fun and waste my time. But mb he do want to see me?
Guys, need your advice. Tinder. Should I go on a date with him?
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