Advice from guys that are in open relationship n more plz?

please if this isn't something you haven't done or you have a one sided mind do not reply to my post.Advice from guys that are in open relationship n more please ??


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  • seems like a troll post...


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  • I was in a open relationship. It's really fun as long as both of you are on the same line. In theory it seems like paradise, but you must have a certain way of thinking. Or it will be like hell

    • Have u done it before?

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    • Yes most suck knowing your girl banging someone else. What do you think I should do? My girlfriend says I can get blow jobs but no sex. Should I have sex with other girls and just not tell her since she's agreed to blow jobs. We are not in a open relationship she just doesn't like blow jobs. So it's some other girls problem lol

    • You're not in an open relationship. Not at all. She tells you this but she expects you to no do it (you know, passive agressive. behavior from women). And don't even think about fucking otherd without telling her, that's called cheating. Honestly, if it's only bj's you won't have any fun

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  • Don't get jealous because she'll probably get way more sex than you will

    • Not in a open relationship

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    • Yes she won't bd

    • Why doesn't she want to do it too

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