How expensive is a high maintenance love interest?

How expensive can your romantic interest be for dates and such before you start to think they are high maintenance?

How expensive is a high maintenance love interest?
(This question is set up in terms of any currency comparable to the USD, CAD, EUR, etc. Feel free the still play along with another currency and let us know the currency and comparison in what it buys in the comments!)

  • 0 - $99
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  • $100 - $249
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  • $250 - $499
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  • $500 - $999
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  • $1,000 - $4,999
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  • Over $5,000
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  • Over $10,000
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Most Helpful Guy

  • A
    but I think via profile photo you might get away with more... and if dedicated to a guy, motivated & enthusiastic... MUCH more


Most Helpful Girl

  • If a person is unhappy unless the date is costing a lot... then that's high maintenance and rude AF...

    If a guy is taking me to super nice dinners... where I'm from a tasting menu is often like $65 plus like $35 for a drink paring... But that wouldn't likely be a frequent thing. If he's doing it often then my god not only must he make a decent amount of money but he must really like me. I'd really appreciate it. Food is my favorite so... I've never had food cost more than 200 before ever... Not just for me.


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What Guys Said 29

  • If she’s counting money then $1 is too much. If she has a giving spirit & is loyal & loving, I would give her the moon.

  • If having to spend money is a priority reguardless the amount.
    I dated a girl that wanted flowers every week.
    Dated a girl that wanted to eat out every other day.
    When she isn't on the same page as you when it comes to finances cut em loose.
    Don't need another charity case.

  • 1 visit a month = 700GBP

    She was a proper careless and heartless bitch.

    Since that day, I have vowed never to waste money on women.

    I am not going out of my way to treat none of them like a princess without getting anything back. Fuck that right off.

    I work bloody hard to earn legit.

  • The monetary cost doesn't matter to me, as I would never get into a high maintenance relationship. The emotional and control issues alone would drive me away.

    • Please explain how you define a high maintenance relationship? It seems like it means a lot more than money to you.

    • The need to be sure to please her, or keep her happy, in so many situations. Something like the need to cater to her. Beyond what is normally done in a relationship. The expectancy that her needs will be met, not counting the difficulty he has to go through to get them met.

  • Exactly as much as you think. If you start to feel like you're an expensive date, you are. The second you start to think that they're high maintenance, they are.

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What Girls Said 4

  • i dont like to have my boyfriend spend so much money on me... i just tell him "its ok save that for when we get our own place" :)

  • I'd like my guy to offer to pay on the first date - though, I'd also like it to be a good but not super expensive place; that'd make me uncomfortable -. From then on, I'd just split the checks, tbh. Or at least I wouldn't like my boyfriend to pay by default - beautiful gestures get underestimated when done in a regular basis.

    Also, unless I end up marrying another doctor, or a lawyer, there's a big chance I'll earn more money than my future husband/ long term partner. And, as long as he has passion for what he does, I will be happy with him.

  • For a single date/event/set of presents, the price should be anywhere from a cent to $200, depending how special the time is. For example you might just see and buy a keyring your boyfriend would like which is cheap but cute, or you might have a really special birthday date to splash out on. I personally wouldn't go that high, but I do think it's a reasonable price to pay. But anywhere from the top end of your second poll option onward is getting too pricey, and it's a dick move to just expect this of your partner!

  • I won't spend more than 5 euros on a date. I'm poor so XD


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