College tradition of kissing to become "true" students?

So my college is doing some thing were your supposed to kiss at this fountain at midnight after the homecoming dance. I don't understand this. Are you supposed to kiss your girlfriend, or your date? Or is it some kind of free for all?

Is there anybody else who has or had a tradition similar at their college?


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  • Our university had a weirder one... People used to touch a statues foot before exams for luck. I don't really get these superstition things.

    • Ya, that's all I could find about it on my college website. I would love to go and kiss some random stranger, but if it ends up being girlfriend/boyfriend thing, I will feel like an idiot.

    • Sounds like my friend, they told him people kissed the foot and he was the only person doing it. :P

  • Don't let traditions, least of all ones that are not your own, dictate what you do.

    • I dont. I just would like any excuse (other than being drunk) to kiss a stranger

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