Dating a colleague?

So, I work with quite a nice young man.Thing is he's manager of the department I'm going to be working in (my age though) hands up who would go there and who wouldn't :) I wouldn't make the first move if so...but what are the chances he would? Would it be unprofessional. I know the whole work mate thing can be a sticky situation because if it doesn't work out you still have to see each other all the time.

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  • I highly highly highly doubt he would ever make a move if he's a manager and you're not. Dating a colleague is one thing, a boss asking out a subordinate is another. It'd be a huuuuuuggggeeeee risk for getting slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

    • Ahhh true didn't even think of that. So should I make the move or am I totally missing the point here? hahaha :D

    • If you wanted something to happen I'd pretty much say that you'd have to be the one to make the move, getting slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit would be an awful way to be dismissed from a job, especially at our age range.

    • True that. Thanks for your comments :)

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  • if you were 2 break up think of hw awkward it would be

    plus he` s manager, if you annoy him or upset he can have you sacked quite easily and then u` d be the 1 looking stupid


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