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Is this real love?

First of all... i know im only 14 and people will be like “you dont even know anything about love”. Well yeah i understand some people in my age group isn’t mature enough to be in a real relationship. So, im with this guy... he’s 16 he goes to a different high school than mine. We’re been together for almost 3 months, we had on and offs for a few times but now its turning out pretty good so far. So let me explain how we met... so i met my boyfriend online, i remember him requesting me on Instagram and added me on snapchat. He replied back to my story on snapchat and after that we just connected. We seen each other twice only And then 1 1/2 - 2 months after there was a conflict between us two... my best friend reported him to the principle for something he didn’t even do... and the police was involved. Then after that my parents started hating him... they caught me texting him twice on my phone. But i still text and text him we still talk to each other a lot. Even tho his parents doesn’t approve either. But through everything we’ve been there together we didn’t split. We kept going because that can only happen with a strong love bond... we just loved each other a lot. Its been a year since I’ve seen him face to face but we still text lot online...
Is this real love?
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