Will they lose interest in me if I don't hang out with them enough?

So I just moved to a new town and a couple of girls live in the duplex next to me. There have been many times they have invited me over to hangout and for the most part I have joined. However, there have been many times that I have not been able to hangout, including both of their birthdays. Part of these reasons are due to legit out of town trip, but others, specifically their birthdays, I bailed because I have mild social anxiety disorder and I could not conquer it and made more excuses on not going. What I'm worried about is that they will eventually stop asking me to hangout with them before I feel comfortable enough around them that my anxiety does not kick in. And I really want to hangout with them to meet people and make friends. Is it likely that they will stop asking? I've probably bailed about 5-6 times.


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  • In general, the more you refuse the more likely a person, overtime, will not end up thinking of inviting you, especially if you always have excuses each time they invite. Since you still want to hangout, and you have this order, still try to be determined to do your part. In any type or relationship whether, friends or love, if one doesn't make any effort.. it won't last. It's a fact of life. So my advise to you is to conquer your fears, maybe invite them out sometime and if you really can't go to their outings at some stage, make up for it and say 'hey do you want to hang out some other time' so they still know you are interested in their company. oh and of course go when you can. Hope that helps

    • Disorder* not this order :/ sorry

      and you can improve your mental capacity by pushing yourself to doing these things. You need to in order to improve socially!

  • Yes. The more you refuse invitations, the less likely they are to invite you.


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