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So I know this seems like such a dumb question but here goes anyway; what is homecoming? Is it a huge football game or a dance? and would those two events be on the same day? because it doesn't make sense to have sweaty football players go get all dressed in their suits. and if someone asked you to homecoming it'd be like a formal event right, kind of like prom but less so?


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  • It depends on the environment. In high school homecoming is usually an event to celebrate the beginning of a new school year, and typically falls on the same day as the first home game of the football team. The game is during the day and there's a formal event at night. Some places have the formal the night before the game. In college it's similar, with the game being that weekend but there's usually a strong Greek (fraternity and sorority) presence affiliated with Homecoming weekend. Usually their celebrations take the place of one central formal event.


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  • homecoming is just a waste of time ... waste 7 hrs of your life there doing nothing. It is less formal than a prom , you go in nice clothes . I never will go to a prom , school dance or homecoming . :)


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