Dating another race?

OK so I'm classed as white British but my dad's family are Jamaican which makes me look spanish or Italian. The problem is I like mainly black guys and I want black children, I have dated a few guys from my area but they are all from Africa so they have a different culture to me and I find they just want their green card! It sounds stupid but it's easier in America because there are more African Americans that black British. I don't know what to do! Am I being immature or do I just know what I want? I don't know anymore!


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  • I don't get how people are attracted to a certain race only usually unless it's their own race which is completely natural. Just go out with whoever you find attractive. What's wrong with white guys? I don't see how anyone can't be attracted to guys or girls their own race. That's ridiculous.

    • People are attracted to what they're attracted to. Who ever decided that it's only OK to like one race if it's your own? That statement is ridiculous. There are many complex factors in attraction, and no one is obligated to only like their own race or it's "unnatural." So, what, because I'm 5'2, with long light brown hair, I can only date guys who are 5'2 with long light brown hair? That's how stupid your statement "unless it's their own race which is completely natural" sounds to me.

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  • This is my opinion:

    don't say that. You don't know what they've been through and if they 'just want to get their green card' you really can't generalize. Other people want green cards too who are not black. They might not even want a green card and you just thought so because they were black. It's immature and no right to judge.

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with dating another race and I say go for it if you can respect, understand them and their values and if that person can do that for you too.

    • I say green card because after a few weeks they're on about marrige!!

    • Is the person who you tried to date that was black?

      All I am trying to point out is not every black will be all about that green card .

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