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How do I become pretty?

Okay so I was out with my cousin and this random guy was calling us over and we ignored it and then he ran up to us and I kept walkimg bc I knew there was no way he was talking to me and my cousin stopped and he was telling her how beautiful she was and stuff and he got her nunber and all but like all of this just reminded me how ugly I am. Like if I wasn't sp ugly I couldve had somethin like that happen to me. Ohhh and the guy had the audacity to ask my name but like he looks at my cousin and goes "whats your friends name?" And like I was sitting there like boy I know you did not just give me a pity flirt like no. Leave me alone🙃 kms. So anyways tips on becoming pretty? Maybe I could try makeup? Loose some weight? I don't know. I just need help pls
How do I become pretty?
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