Why did he ask for my number and then not call?

He is a dad from my daughters school and he has been sort of following my around for a week now. Last week he asked my name and then yesterday he asked if I was married or had a boyfriend then said he thought I wouldn't be single and asked why was I single? He ended up asking for my number, the whole time he seemed very nervous and even shaking. I gave him my number and told him to text me or call me and then I don't hear from him at all. Its only been one day but why would he wait?


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  • do you have a fondness of this guy?

    He seems queer/strange to me, I mean you said he was so nervous and shaky yet he asked you about personal things so straight forwardly. Don''t worry if he doesn't call you; it shouldn't affect you. Don't even wait for him. If he ever talks to you again, maybe he will tell you or maybe not. Just don't think about it. I don't think he sounds normal.

    • Oh and you really didn't have to give your phone number away. you could have asked why he wanted it at the time but yea. forget about it.

    • I know I didn't have to but seriously it seems like a decade since a guy has shown any interest in me and he is kinda cute so I just wanted to see where it would go, you know what I mean? I know that sounds lame but it true.

    • Ok you find him interesting then when you go for it. when you bump into him again at your daughter's school, don't worry about that number calling thingo and just get to know him in person when you see each other.

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