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Is there something wrong with me being single?

Dear people reading this lol
Listen don’t get me wrong the single life is great, do whatever I want etc. I’m in high school been single for a great time of my life but every time my friends talk to me they always ask me why aren’t I relationship because people call me pretty and I got a good personality but when i get in school they always say “nobody deserves to have you or You needs somebody that better and. Your really pretty blah blah but nobody right for you. Like one min they say they want me to go date because Im pretty etc etc but then In School they keep saying nobody deserves me because nobody “suits me” sometimes they even dress code me when i get all dressy 😒personally I think it’s because Im somewhat decent in my eyes or maybe I’m just ugly 💀 lmao I don't know I’m just starting to feel some type of way ig. Someone help me. TBH I’m a very independent girl. I’m not one of those girly girls who’s gonna act dumb and let you think you smarter than me or act slow so you can help me with hw. I will challenge you on. I love adventure and there no way in hell someone guy gonna tell me what I can and can not do. If i wanna dress bummy and not “attractive” then I’m gonna do it. by the way even some of guys friends say you just don’t let anyone affect you on your path I don't know man. Maybe I’m just a independent little child to everyone. Lmao help meeee.
Is there something wrong with me being single?
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