Impossible love, do I have hope at all?

First of all I know I'm acting like a 14 year-old but still I would like to know your opinion about my love or I don't really know how to say what's this.

Last August I met a guy online. We spent every morning in weekdays chatting via webcam for hours. He is the most amazing guy I have ever met, inspired me to do a lot of things, to improve myself, he changed my life completely.

But unfortunately we have never met for real as he has got a girlfriend which was very frustrating for me, but I accepted it. In February I stopped writing with him as I changed my job , I didn't have chance to go online in the morning and he works in the evening. I was sad, and still kept staring his pictures, and wondering where he was. Then slowly I got over him, I thought.

And here comes the twist. About one month ago he sent me a message, and since then we started talking again, not that frequent, but yet, it made me so confused.

For example yesterday he said he likes everything about me, he was very sad when we hadnot written anymore to each other and he has got feelings for me but he said also that he would never leave his girlfriend. They met at the age of 16, and they have been together for 14 years now.

After this just to confuse me more than ever, he said I should learn to read between the lines, and sent me a song about a man who is somehow trapped.

I know I'm stupid , and I should leave this whole thing, I just can't. I tried to forget him , I dated with a lot of guys but nothing can help , he is still in my mind.

I would appreciate if you tell me what you think about this whole silly story.


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  • Wow, for a start, I don't think you're acting like a 14 year old at all.

    Everyone deserves some fun and some loving right?

    I also understand how you feel, although I'm younger then you.. but I met a guy online and we're so bloody obesssed and in love with one another. It's easy to get trapped into someone like that.

    I don't know what you should really do, but I can tell you what I think..

    I think it's some amazing love story that you or he will never forget in years to come.

    You probably will never get over him but it'll get easier for you. It'll be like something you just deal with and I think at least everyone has one person like this, whether they're online or not.

    You'll be able to be with another guy and love him, but in the back of your head you'll still have feelings for this guy.

    One thing I ask myself is, if he's been with this girl since he was 16 and he would never leave her (because of love I guess), why does he need to spend his spare time on the internet talking to another girl he clearly has feelings for? What's going on with their relationship?

    He probably thinks that it is a lot to leave behind, which in fact it is.

    In all honesty, I don't know what advice to give you.

    Think about it logically, what is best for you? Is he holding you back from potential relationships?

    I think that you should just make it less contact again as you slowly started to feel better about it. Maybe a long update email from time to time..

    You'll never forget him though.

    Think about it, you've never met him in person. He could have some really annoying traites! :)

    Good luck, stay strong.


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  • 1. It's not a silly story. It's your story.

    2. You're being manipulated. Successfully.

    3. Suggestion: move on; this guy is one step above a jerk for talking to you with a girlfriend on the side. No, he's a jerk.

    4. You're holding on to something that will never happen. If it does, what assurance do you have that it will not repeat --- only with you.

    • You say I'm manipulated. But why? It doesn't make any sense for me. I mean if I manipulate somebody, I have my reason, I want something. But what does he want in this case?

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