He likes a girl who is my complete opposite!!!!

What do you do if the one you love likes someone who is the complete opposite of you?

I've liked the same guy for 9 years and I know he likes me too, but I have a feeling he likes this one girl. I've known this guy my whole life so I think this assumption might be correct.

The girl is the kind that sleeps around, she parties all of the time, swears every other word, can't live without alcohol, does drugs, is the town gossip, etc.(i've known her my whole life too.)

I, on the other hand, am pretty much the epitome of innocence. I have never cussed, tried alcohol, partied, tried drugs, etc and I am a virgin.in fact, the only guy I've ever kissed is him!

I am so proud of my reputation. I always try to be the best I can be everyday.and it just breaks my heart to even think he might have feelings for her! I don't understand how this is even possible.

I am thinking that maybe to him she is just someone he can get with for a night, and I might be a keeper?

What do you think? If you think I am just blabbling on about nothing, please give me some advice to cheer me up or encourage me! THANKS BUNCHES!


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  • I want to cheer you up, but I don't think this will.

    However, it might help you understand the mystery of attraction.


    Jen: is the type of good girl type. Who would love and care for you. Always be loyal, and will be there whenever you need her. She is the type to make sacrifices for people she cares for. Of course she has flaws, but she is the marrying type. Don't you think?

    Ange: mysterious type, dark, who has been with weird men, until Brad Pitt showed up. She has tattoos, bad girl image. She has her own life, and doesn't seem to care about what other people think or say about her. She "used" to have a wild reputation, and no one could seem to figure her out, or what she was thinking. She seems to not care of the consequences of her actions. She is just livin the way she wants.

    Who did Brad end up with?

    • Yeah!!!! that is exactly how it is! great comparison.........why do you think he chose angelina?

    • Coz she is mysterious. And notice how she lives her life like Brad doesn't matter that much? She didn't change anything about herself even when she and Brad started going out/got married. If you noticed, Brad is just like an "extra"... who follows Ange around.

      Also, he did mention that for the first time in his life, he feels alive. So, maybe he got bored with Jen? I don't know, I don't really keep track. :p

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  • Well, if the guy knew what was good for him, he would go out with you cause you sound like a really great girl.anyway, this seems to be a problem with some guys. They can't seem to choose what girl they want. However, you said, you're not 100% sure, so maybe he doesn't like her, although it seems weird especially since you've like each other for 9 years. It's fine if you're overthinking the situation, cause you are a girl and girl's seem to do this sometimes (no offense). Probably what has happened is this new girl has started flirting with him a little or since she is more flirty/obvious he takes notice of this and so is attracted to her. Also, since you've liked each other for so long, he's might not be sure if you want to take your liking to the next level, so that's the most likely explanation. Again, you definately sound like a nice girl and a definate keeper, but this guy is probably confused or frustrated since nothing has happened between you guys in 9 years besides one kiss, hoped that helped.


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  • I know your feeling because I been in this situation twice already. My advice I would stick with friendship with him. Since he knows that I like him I would act like I don't care about him and don't give him much of my times and days for him. Just be his friend and start to see another guys too. I know it is hard because you like him for a long time but if he doesn't realize that you are the one for him then you can't do anything about it. Don't let him take advantage of you just because you like him and just stick to your gun and act tough and stick to the friendship.

  • Seems like you feel you are better than this girl.Women tend to think way too much of themselves when it comes to men, and sometimes they can smell it. They don't like it. You are probably this girls friend which makes you a horrible person to socialize with someone you feel this way about. You are very passive aggressive. I think you have your own issues to work out. Don't up yourself by trashing others. If your that hot.he will come. If not.get over yourself. See it doesn't feel good to be judged so harshly by some does it. We all have issues, don't be so nasty. Just tell him how you feel about him. If you think this girl is so nasty, why would you want a guy how picks such girls?

    • You definitely took this the wrong way. I had to show you the contrast in our personalities in order for you to understand my question. I was not "upping" myself by trashing her. She trashed her own reputation. How was I being nasty if none of you even know who I am talking about? I didn't use names for a reason, and that is because I don't talk bad about other people. If I had asked this exact question to people who know her, then yeah, I can see how that would be a problem.

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    • Shes not a bad person, she has just made a lot of wrong choices that I don't agree with. She has proven that, but I think that the idea of a "bad girl" intrigues him. All I am wondering is if bad girls can also be "keepers" in a guy's eyes.

    • Yes, people choose one person over another all the time. You are contradicted yourself all over the place. We are all human,all of us. So I don't see you in a different light than I see the person you described. Love is not conditional. Sometimes we get hooked up with people who aren't good for us. You have your own issues to work out. I spent four years studying human communication and am spending two more years mastering (EA) interpersonal communication. I know narcissism when I see it.