Been talking to this girl, she went on a date with someone last night. Help?

We've been going really well (talking for hours on the phone, hanging out a lot, she's doing a ton of stuff for me), but I tried calling her last night and she just got back to me about 8 AM this morning saying basically "sorry for not getting back to you, I was on a date last night"

Should I give up or still try? I thought we were going really good...


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  • if you haven't had a talk about being exclusive... you should never assume someone you're seeing isn't seeing someone else.

    believe me, it's happened to me.

    this doesn't mean things aren't still good between you guys though. just be cool about it and see what happens

    • I was thinking of asking her out on a date tonight. Good idea?

What Guys Said 1

  • You need to go on one or two more dates with her and tell her how you feel about her and ask her to be exclusive with you. I suspect you've been banished to the friend zone but it's still worth a try to ask her.

    • Yeap, Friend Zone. I'd try for at least one date, if she doesn't like you or says "just friends" break contact - find another girl.