My boyfriend has not returned my call or texts?

Good Afternoon,

I met this really great guy. Everything was amazing and I was a little standoffish considering I didn't want to rush into anything. But he insisted. After a month we went into a couple of disagreements. There was no yelling, no fighting really small. He seemed to make a big ordeal of it later. (Ant hills into Mountains) Even though he said that everything was fine. It's been about 3 months now and things began to slow down. No arguing or anything for the past 2 months. We are both in our thirties. We always said that communication is one of the important things in a good healthy relationship.

Well everything was normal he just got back from a trip and called me. We had a good conversation that night. With I miss you's in the conversations. Sweetdreams and he said he's call me tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and went. I text him during the day. My normal "Have a great day" and than no call or anything.

I called him later that night. I assumed there was a chance he was asleep. Next day nothing again. I called that night when I knew he'd be awake and again no response. I text once. Nothing.

It's been 2 days since than. I haven't called or text him. And he hasn't called me either...

I am so confused... I'm actually kind of worried. My mom said that there could be something really wrong. My friends say that he could be acting like a jerk.

I don't know what my options are. I don't think calling a bunch of times is appropriate. I mean he has to have seen I called 3 days ago right?

I don't want to show up at his home. Because that's too early in the relationship right? I have no idea. Sooo confused...

Please advise... Thank you


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  • Possibilities: 1) He's not sure about the relationship. 2) He doesn't want the relationship. 3) He has found another woman. 4) There is something very wrong (health, family probs, etc.)

    • I saw those possibilities. I never came off as a closed off type of personality. I always welcomed friendship. I just have never been in this position in all my life. Never. I thought these things happened to adolescents. At my age though?

      I am not sure what my options are as in what I should do? If you were me how long would you wait for a call? Or do "I" call again since its been a few days?

      Thank you

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